Dionysus Greek God of Wine-colored, Go, and Lovemaking

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Dionysus: Greek God of Wine-colored, Rapture, and Bang

Updated on April 4, 2018

Denim Bakula


Denim is a bookman of Psychology and Arts, and uses this to research personalities, archetypes, and symbolisms.

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The Youngest Oympian god

Dionysus was the youngest Surpassing god, the sole one to birth a soul beget. The pipeline, animals, trees, and all of nature were lamb to him. In his mythology, Dionysus was unremarkably encircled by women.

They were either nursemaids as an babe, or starry eyed lovers who were demoniac by him when he became a god. He was usually depicted as an baby, keeping grapes, or as a vernal and beneficial look fellow, tiring a jacket of ivy or vines on his drumhead.

Jim Morrison, A Dionysus from our Clock

World World | Root

Dionysus, Son of Zeus and Semele

Dionysus was the son of Zeus and Semele, the deathly womanhood and girl of Cadmus, Power of Thebes. She attracted Zeus’s pursuit, not a heavy matter to do, but he impregnated Semele spell masked as a someone man. His overjealous wife Hera establish out, and was set to shuffle Semele and her new nipper pay a damage for the occasion with Zeus.

Hera appeared to Semele in the pretense of her old nanny, Beror, and persuaded her to assert that Zeus prove himself to her in his entire god and splendour.

When Zeus went to chatter Semele ulterior that dark, she begged him to shew himself to her as the boss god of Olympus. He swore an swearing to the River Styx to do whatsoever she asked, and that curse was irrevokable. Semele had no way of learned that this act would resolution in her last, but Hera did. Zeus’s thunderbolts killed Semele, but her unborn son was made god.

As shortly as Semele died, Zeus torus Dionysus from her uterus, and stitched him into his thigh, helping as his brooder until he was fix to be innate. When the clock came, Hermes acted as the accoucheuse therein near strange parturition.

Dionysus was interpreted to Semele’s babe to be brought up as a missy, so he would be saved from Hera’s anger. But Hera horde his caretakers wild, and they time-tested to off Dionysus. Zeus protected him again by ever-changing Dionysus into a ram, carrying him to a godly and mythologic lot area, Mt.

Nysa, inhabited by beautiful nymphs. During this clock his coach Silenus taught him many secrets of nature, including that of winemaking. Dionysus as a god, pilot and man was ever approximately nature and women.

He was sometimes an unwished and distressful bearing, a drive of craziness in mythology, and a job in a man’s nous.

Dionysus travelled practically as a beau, done Egypt, from India to Asia Nestling, and to his provenience Thebes, in Greece. He taught multitude how to turn the grape wheresoever he went. Folly and fierceness oft travelled with him though.

Sometimes he was aforementioned to be impelled mad by Hera, but ofttimes he was the one responsible his fierce actions towards citizenry. Afterward Power Lycurgus jilted Dionysus, Lycurgus went mad and killed his son, intellection he was equitable knifelike refine a vine. Women who spurned Dionysus oft killed members of their own families by lachrymation them to pieces.

Erst he came habitation from India, the goddess Cybele purified him of the murders he attached in his folly, and more importantly, taught him her mysteries and rites of trigger, as she was a large Sire Goddess.

Dionysus Rescues his Generate

Ariadne was the girl of Magnate Minos of Greece, and cruel potty with the Athenian grinder Theseus. Ariadne showed him how to reach the illustrious maze, where he killed the Minotaur, and retraced his stairs until he made his outlet. So Theseus and Ariadne set navigate for Athens, but he nonchalantly deserted her on the island of Naxos. She would deliver killed herself because of her impoverished nerve, had not Dionysus protected her by devising her his wife.

Zeus again stepped in to favour Dionysus, and made Ariadne god. She was the nigh tight related Aphrodite, Goddess of Honey. Ariadne was erst the Cretan Daydream Goddess, but the Greeks off her into a put-upon individual in their mythology.

Notwithstanding, done Dionysus she was again deified.

Dionysus had to come into Hades to institute his Fuss, Semele, backrest to animation. Erst he did, they ascended to Mt. Olympus, where she became an god besides.

Semele has been adored as a Goddess associated with the Lunation and Ground (as Gaia) in betimes pre-Hellenic multiplication. In Greek mythology, Dionysus is the alone god who really rescues and restores a char to a improve condition, instead than ascendent and raping her as many of the Greek gods did to women. So course Dionysus was idolized by the women of antediluvian Greece, who oft communed with this god in angry and outside lot areas.

Dionysus loved nature, and when in its land became aroused and irrational, terpsichore to manic medicine, devising women spirit alike they were amuck by him. He lived in alternate states of vehemence then in pernicious muteness. The loony celebrations of Dionysus came to be known as Orgia, the intelligence from which bacchanalia comes. He loved to get parties with wine-colored or otc kinds of sacramental intoxicants, piece indulgence in dance to euphony of reed pipes, drums and cymbals.

He would participate an rhapsodic land, and the women matt-up “at one” with him as a god. Nevertheless, sometimes these orgies got exit of command, and came to a culmination by watering an fleshly to pieces and feeding its raw form. Dionysus viewed this as a sacramental act of sharing, done which the immortal of Dionysus entered the celebrants.

Otc men in account let had a abstruse and spellbinding impress on women, enhanced by the use of drugs. Jim Morrison of The Doors comes to head, with his aphrodisiac vocalism, beautiful verse, and bang of women. Unhappily, the partying life-style price him his aliveness and he died at age 27. A forbidding representative of a Dionysus man who could ascendancy women to do his leave is Charles Manson, the man who, on with a grouping of brain-washed unseasoned women, murdered the fraught Sharon Tate, her firm guests, and coherent his minions to publish language on the walls of her dwelling in the dupe’s own parentage.

That storey aghast the unit nation at the metre. So mind of the two types of Dionysus men, it is a muscular original, with stiff confident and blackball potentials. He can be orphic and gossamer, or he could be a liquidator, contingent his impulses.

Jim Morrison, A Dionysus of our Multiplication

A Shamanic Personality

Apollo lent Dionysus his asylum for the ternary overwinter months, and the fete of Dionysus at Delphi was another exempt for a big bacchanal, but special to functionary women representatives of Greek cities, and historied biyearly. One mightiness recollect Dionysus would be strangled more SiteJabber in the metropolis, but he was recognised, worshipped, and women loved beingness about him. They famed his clip in Delphi by creating a new custom.

They began an one-year, consecrated dancing with the “awakening” of the babe Dionysus in his rocker. New wine-coloured was brought in, and ceremonially deuced. Dionysus has an crucial spot in Orphism (one-sixth c BC) which took its gens from the mythological poet, Orpheus. In occult divinity, the coddle Dionysus was lacerated to pieces and eaten by envious Titans, but his nerve was protected by Athena, and he was converted done Zeus. In another variant, he was converted as the son of Semele.

Sprightliness and expiry are the themes of the mythology of Dionysus. His sculpture was in Apollo’s bema at Delphi, where he was p.a. adored as a neonate infant. He was an big god who died, a god who fagged meter in the Hell, and a god who was a neonate fry.

Dionysus and Hermes are the two archetypes that predispose a man to hitch an aeonian younker evermore. He is acute and aroused, gets intent in whatsoever he is concerned in, and forgets obligations, assignments or any appointments he may sustain made. He may drift about, attracting women and disrupting their lives, so promptly advance.

He can be identical sad and desperate one mo, and enraptured the future, contingent what or who transported him to his up-to-the-minute high-pitched in liveliness. Since Dionysus’s generate died earlier his nativity, he was encircled by nursemaids and further mothers whose upkeep was discrepant. He had to settle into Hades to uncovering Semele. Men of this original ofttimes try an idealised edition of a double-dyed charwoman, who is both fuss and buff, and let a drawstring of affairs spell unsuccessfully nerve-racking to obtain her.

Another road may be to let a enceinte beloved of nature, as the Bang-up Beget, and he may love beingness a caretaker or suckle, having a vocation that put-upon to existence seen as more womanly. A Dionysus man is likewise individual who may be raddled into beingness a follower of a magnetic charwoman spiritual leader. Barely as he is careworn to women, they are raddled to him.

He plays the role of the “Motherless Boy” and evokes paternal feelings in women, so may be invariably encircled edubirdy reviews by them. Dionysus oft stayed with these women, and ulterior garbed as one. He was embossed as a daughter for portion of his puerility piece Zeus tested to cover him from Hera.

A shamanic mind is ofttimes that of an androgynous, male-female typecast of soul. Dionysus was described as “man-womanish” or as the “womanly one.” A priest serves the purpose of mediating betwixt the seeable and inconspicuous worlds, and ofttimes wears vestments that are dresses, and rattling flowery ones. Psychological hermaphroditism, an inwards live of both masculine and womanly perceptions, is the key to existence able-bodied to insert this region. Multitude such as Carlos Castaneda wrote some his own initiations by shamans and medicament women. In Jungian psychology, which values the exploitation of the womanly in men (as the anima) the inconspicuous earth is the earth of archetypes, dreams and dynamic imagery.

Dionysus beckoned women out of their daily lives to idolize nature and breakthrough the rhapsodic ingredient in themselves, initiating them into a shamanic receive. Dionysus the god was both an tiro and priest of the Big Goddess. In our stream revitalisation of the Women’s Otherworldliness Motility, Dionysus is nowadays in women who personify the priestess pilot as a intermediator ‘tween two worlds. If you are fellow with the role of Morgaine, the priestess of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of


you may think that a priestess of the Goddess could locomote done the mists to Avalon, and payoff sealed sure multitude to the spectral womanly region, or islet of the Goddess, but this island could not be seen by everyone.

To be a man with a shamanic personality in a polish which is made up of men who uprise and attend oeuvre every day is viewed as more “different”, and about probably as “insane.” If Dionysus is the solitary substantial original in a man, he leave calm be careworn towards experiencing adapted states of cognisance. The region of an inconspicuous humans feels veracious to him, and fascinates him with its insights. He can use as a mystical if he keeps it tranquility, spell performance in the “real” earth, but determination this Dionysian ingredient of biography gives him a bigger sentiency of substance.

Inner, Commodity Sounding Exposure of Younker

Although Dionysus is unlike than the otc guys, he may bear many conclusion manly friendships. He can sustain farseeing and meaningful conversations with a Hermes man, and he leave prize all the beautiful things a Hephaestus man knows how to pee. He touches workings of art with a smell of venerate that Hephaestus understands alright.

Dionysus could call a supporter, when his ally Ampelos died, Dionysus wept at his dangerous, and vino sprang up from his weeping.

The god Dionysus was vernal, described as an refined, effective sounding one, with longsighted, sleek pilus ended his shoulders. This is the icon of a inner everlasting younker. When it comes with riches, you sustain a sensuous man-about-town. But such a someone lives solitary for the following company or the future acute intimacy.

As he keeps quest neutered states of knowingness, he is gravely at adventure for habit problems. The idiom “spiritus contra spiritum” way victimisation phantasmal sharing against the dependance of alky or over-the-counter soporiferous liquor; subbing God (in any way that agency) for these substances as a substance to produce graveness. When a Dionysus man is significant in a woman’s liveliness, it goes without locution that her sprightliness bequeath be anything but slow. But how joy, unspeakable or riotous the kinship is depends on the construction of the kinship.

Is it a friendship, a life unitedly arranging, or a wedding? What hopes does she deliver for it? Dionysus is frequently a pregnant build to a charwoman who is experiencing a major changeover in her liveliness.

He’s the guy who testament aerate her warmth if she’s been odd by another man, or she volition delight in his heady demeanour if she has pent-up her emotions all her liveliness. Lamentably, the children may be the ones almost scathe in these scenarios.

It is obvious that many Dionysus men may not exist foresighted lives, as they company arduous and drop target to drugs and inebriant to support acquiring the gamey they look to starve so practically. Still, in the mythology of Dionysus, respective gods gave him assist. Zeus, Hermes, and Apollo are all archetypes a Dionysus man necessarily to recrudesce if he wants to survive to see an years. Zeus protected Dionysus’s aliveness twofold, beginning by pickings him from his utter Mother’s uterus and stitching him into his thigh, so rescuing him when Hera swarm his further parents mad. A lovingness and cocksure beget icon can aid Dionysus, fifty-fifty if he is dissimilar, by serving him to see he cannot pursue all of his feelings, specially the irrational ones.

Dionysus can be a cocksure somebody who can bang himself and flavour suitable if he has a near don or mentor.

Hyacinths, Named later a Fan of Apollo

A Dionysus man necessarily roughly Apollo traits in him to assistant coordinate and institute his esthetic position to realization. | Rootage

Fan of Women and Nature

Women can besides deliver a Dionysus pilot, as men can emu the Goddess archetypes. The Maenads were women worshippers who sought-after the god on mountaintops, but could routine from loving, paternal women to angry maniacs with petty urgency or niggling clemency. Knockout and peril are hallmarks of this dualism, as are tendencies for acute feelings which interrupt liveliness and others, contingent how static or unsound the individual is.

Dionysus played the persona of persecuted warrior, as he fled into nature and to his dear mountains with his women following. He travelled done the Greek reality, vocation women to forget habitation and fireside and accompany him, encountering lots antagonism, specially from Hera, the Goddess of Matrimony. She honors imperishable wedding and its obligations, stability, and faithfulness.

Dionysus brings out incompatible passions which turn women to block their common roles. Dionysus is likewise woven into a dismembered original on with his mythology. He divided the fortune of Osiris, the Egyptian god.

The “dismemberment” is a metaphor for person having a job “keeping it together” in animation, as Dionysus is ineffective to submit the potent and opponent feelings inwardly him. This pilot is peculiarly unmanageable if somebody has been brought up in a faith which stresses guiltiness, such as the Judeo-Christian ones. Since mysticism and sensualism are both aspects of Dionysus, he may be haggard to Catholic mysticism, but look he is a dreadful evildoer because of his titillating images and fleshly feelings.

The god Dionysus had a sinewy beginner who cared often most him. In the mythology of Dionysus, Zeus really tested harder with him than he did with any of his over-the-counter sons, tied as far as protecting him ahead his birthing until later. Ulterior Zeus made Ariadne divinity.

So if a Dionysus boy has a loving and affirmative sire who supports his choices, his personality and maleness are affirmed more a boy care him who has a removed or stonyhearted beget.

On the over-the-counter manus, many men hurt from organism ineffective to limited their emotions and sex, and cultivating roughly traits of Dionysus could be helpful to them. They stage animation in the bit, rather of ever focus on goals. Terpsichore and love are realms in which Dionysus is specially prosperous, enabling loudness, spontaneousness, and confluent with a buff.

Erstwhile the man is mindful of the time tick out though, Dionysus has leftover the board! To connect with an interior Dionysus, it would be gravid to attend the wood or a craggy position for a weekend.

It is rattling hard to explicate fair how a Dionysus typewrite man would evident in today’s guild. By worldwide standards, he bequeath be judged too womanly, mysterious, improper, ominous, or barely too attractive to the women round him. This is a absorbing soul who fair cannot subsist an quotidian rather routine sprightliness. He makes veritable masses uncomfortable, and their lives are scarce too deadening for him to wishing to exist. He has no want to adjust, so tied if he tested at offset, shortly his differences bequeath suit strident.

Quest the rapt may relocation him toward existence a priest, because a Dionysus bequeath beloved the drumming and sacraments. He could juncture an Ashram, where drumming, speculation, and intonation can be exploited to neuter states of cognisance. The carnal mystical experiences of tantric yoga would causa him first-rate too. He is not militant or actually concerned in academics. He can win in originative spheres such as penning or playing.

But near Dionysus men can be establish as rock’n’roll stars, musicians, poets, and masses who get had to combat dose or intoxicant addictions.

Dionysus Statue

By Urielevy effectual to use with ascription | Beginning

Dionysus Can Mature Psychologically

Hermes was the accoucheuse at Dionysus’s nascency, and delivered him to his surrogate parents. Hermes could visit the Netherworld, the Land, and the high of Olympus, and not get treed emotionally in any of the places. A Dionysus lives in the second, so if he is blue, it feels comparable always to him. Hermes can aid him read that wheresoever he is emotionally, it is solitary impermanent. Hermes is the communicating god, and can assistance Dionysus put his feelings into row, and parcel them with others.

If Dionysus can discourse his problems with more mass, he can win a wider view on aliveness. Sensitive and deliberate Apollo is the tertiary friend a Dionysus man inevitably to recrudesce. Apollo chegg.com divided Delphi with Dionysus, and the two personalities are opposites. Apollo sees everything from a intellectual, object view, a personified left-brain mind, who sees things in a analog way and values clearness.

Dionysus sees living in a right-brained, immanent and excited way, and both motivation a piddling of what the former has. A beneficial teaching is the way a Dionysus man develops the Apollo trait of noetic mentation.

So if Dionysus if departure to know and get psychologically, he moldiness exit his designation as the elysian shaver, the everlasting juvenile, and turn the bomber. This has been discussed in the mythologies of over-the-counter Gods and Goddesses, and many are comrade with Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Travel . To do this, Dionysus moldiness disclose himself to the unconscious and the non ego, the shadow, wind, emptiness, Hell, primeval uterus of the Gravid Sire. The submarine has to brook the perils of the Hell and egress with his ego entire, and been made stronger for the face-off. The close affair Dionysus did ahead fetching his spot on Olympus was to delivery his individual Sire Semele, who died and was in Hades. He had accession to the Scheol done a bottomless consortium.

He dived in and came to the wickedness and drear Hades and its horrors, and reclaimed his Sire, freed her, and led her capable Land, and eventually onto Climb Olympus. He so isolated his personal Engender from the Heavy Sire, and overcame both his awe of the unconscious, and the masculine ego’s awe of avid the womanly. When a man can bang and take his Sire as barely a char, who has no strange powers terminated him, he has adult up.

The succeeding footstep is determination a attached passion. Dionysus has acute and rapturous meeting with a spouse, but sometimes it feels ilk a personal connectedness may be absent. He inevitably to receive compassionateness and empathy for a specific womanhood, as he did when he matt-up dismal for Ariadne, when he ground her lone and deserted by Theseus. When Dionysus ultimately forms a attachment with a char who he loves eventide when they are not love, he can get his way into a personal kinship.

That was what eluded him for adios!

This clause on Dionysus concludes the serial I birth been penning on Greek Gods and Goddesses on and off for respective months now. I desire my readers sustain enjoyed recital it as lots as I birth enjoyed indication and acquisition around Greek Mythology! Many women wrote to me at Hubpages and we distinct unitedly that nearly women birth two master archetypes, and mayhap a trait or two from a tertiary. I deliver not heard lots from my virile readers therein heed.

I owe many thanks to Dr. Dungaree Shinoda Bolen, for her shrewd insights and revelations regarding her study in psychotherapeutics. By victimisation models of Greek Gods and Goddesses, she victimised their archetypes to avail patients see what traits they required to adopt to assistant them work their personal issues. Many of her books discourse Spiritism in Women, and how ageing affects women.

I would be derelict if I did not acknowledgment Joseph Campbell, for many books, but peculiarly The Grinder of a Thou Faces , and Carl Jung for his expectant and bewitching oeuvre, peculiarly his writings on archetypes.

Bang-up Lovemaking of our Dionysus

Jim Morrison and lovemaking of his sprightliness, Pamela Courson | Beginning


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